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Saturday, October 13, 2018

#Author Help #IndieAuthor - Review #BooksGoSocial #Promo #Review

Want to hear about their service? We have several rounds of various tests in various genres coming up (one complete) - to get the reviews (and much more useful indie author information, sign up for the newsletter here  and selecting Indie Author Help & News (You are more than welcome to select others as well).

#CowboyTakeMeAway {28} at #NeverSquatWithYourSpursOn #sexy #cowboys

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hallie Grace Homestead Magazine #Contributors NEEDED #Homeschool #Homestead #FaithBased

**Promo Share**

Hallie Grace Homestead Magazine is looking for contributors. At this point, this contributing...if selected...receive a free 3 month subscription (recipes, moments with Jesus, Book Review) 6 month subscription (The Older Ways, Simple Homesctead or Garden project, homeschool article) Submissions, to 12 month subscription (4 article feature series, or as determined).

As we put this start up together, we are truly hoping that after a year to 18 months of circulating (if not sooner) we will be able to pay at least a small amount for contributions. We are so grateful for your early contributions.

Homeschool...homestead...simple with Jesus....Clean read book reviews etc. Other ideas welcomed.
Contact me with your idea at: *Also looking for a reasonably priced graphics designer
**Reasonable proofreader/editor also needed
***Subscriptions? Please email to be put on our list for when we go live.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

#ComingSoon Outlaw's Gamble #Cowboy #Romance #Historical

@AmberBentleyPR has two upcoming #Cowboy #Romance series that she will be listing. One is #historical, the other is #contemporary #IndieAuthorSalesShop - watch for details