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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Finally Back & With Some Repeats #Cowboy #Romance

I know, I disappeared. I just needed the break.
You have no idea.

And in that time this city girl is loving her new country roots - I'm not looking back and no one could ever pay me enough to give up my livestock and move back to a city.

That being said - I have news on the City Girl to Country gal front coming for you soon as well as:
information on The Cowboys of Slumber Creek Series
information on the REAL local cowboys that will be my cover models
information on a new series 
information on a possible stand alone book
information on some PR/marketing items coming up soon for authors
....and more.

Also, since I've been gone a while, since I'll be continuing some of the marketing series articles I was putting here, you'll see some repeats to refresh your memory.

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