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Thursday, July 24, 2014

TBT ~ #Publisher Comparisons {Part 2} ( #TopPublishers #TopEbookPublishers )

Welcome to week 4 of throw back Thursday

If you are looking for the first post in this series, you can find it *here*.

As I mentioned last week, unfortunately publisher experiences can vary from author to author. I know, it really shouldn't be that way. But it seems that it is.

With books, the content is very subjective. What one publisher may shun as terrible, another publisher will die to have added to their list of published novels. So, if you subject to five publishers and you hear back from two that it's not a fit or not what they're looking for - don't be discouraged.

Last week, I started on this topic {which may no doubt have a large number of weeks before it's complete}. I did receive several emails. Upon further investigation and research, I thought it would be important for me to mention a few other publishers.

Avon Books - their submission format and rules are, quite honestly, the best I've seen. If working with them is anything like their submission requirements, they may be the one to go to over the top ten publishers if only for ease of submission and publishing.

Now, with this ease, it's not due to lack of quality. They have some good names that publish with them (many I have read) and those authors do make money. Their advances aren't super high (but many places don't even offer advances if you go out of the top ten publishers). However, they mention that rather than getting your advance and never seeing any royalties - you get an advance and then you also eventually get royalties. Larger publishers offer a bigger advance and often don't even have to deal with royalty payouts after that payment. When your contract is up - it's best to hope you did, at least, sell the number of books of the initial advance or you could owe the publisher money back (yes, I'm serious).

Samhain - Here is one of the "bigger" online publishers. They've been around a while and seem to have a decent track record. I don't really know too many of their authors, but through research, people seem happy with publishing. If you can't do the top ten or Avon - this might be another fairly safe option for you.

Ellora's Cave - Again, like Samhain. One of the "bigger" online publishers. Also, once again, I really don't recognize many of their authors. However, {once again} through researching, they seem to have a good standing. I did note a few rumors of financial trouble - but it doesn't really seem to be 100% valid. Authors seem happy {other than the wait can be long for a decision}. So, along with Samhain, this might be an option if top ten publishers and Avon aren't looking well for you.

Another option is to have more beta readers, a content editor, and so on look at your work. See where you need improvement. And see if the top ten or Avon are open to a resubmission after you've made changed.

Most places will tell you if you are or aren't allowed to resubmit. Ellora's Cave {not a top ten publisher} states that if rejected, they are open to other work from you - but not a resubmission of originally rejected work {this is in their general submission guidelines}.

While on the subject of submission guidelines, they can be very different from publisher to publisher. Be sure to read them, re-read them and understand them before you ever submit. Some publishers will toss out a wonderful manuscript just because submission guidelines weren't followed. This is another reason Avon Books is getting a huge star from me. If your book is good, they want it - so long as they can read it - you're A-OK.

More next week, I hope you'll join me.

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