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Friday, July 4, 2014

#GuestPost Anne Conley

I'm Anne Conley, and my latest Story of Serendipity is out, it's LIVE, and I think it's my favorite cover, ever.
Vanessa Booke just does an amazing job with my covers, and she totally outdid herself with this one.
Here's the blurb:
Welcome to Serendipity, Texas, where the days are hot and the nights are steamy. Meet real people with real problems, as they live life and find love in a small town. 
One moment of distraction, and Renae causes Jason to wreck his motorcycle, setting into motion a love affair that could be her undoing.  She has big plans for her empty nest, but one night of passion changes everything. He's perfect. Too perfect, but her own stupidity entwines their lives together forever. What if she finds out he's gassy, doesn’t like kittens, has a terminal illness, or…hates babies?  Jason is just visiting his dad in Serendipity, not staying. But his plans change when things with his dad are worse than he thought. Renae is a pleasant distraction, and the more he gets to know her, the more she becomes another reason to stay.  When their lives entwine, they both have choices to make, hurts to get over, and ideals to let go of. Is it possible for them to do it, in order to get their happily ever after? Or will things be wrecked?
And a teaser or two:  
The song ended, but Jason didn’t let go of her.  Instead, he looked at his watch and said, “I still have ten minutes or so of my break.  You want to go somewhere and talk a little more?”  His eyes looked hopeful and Renae shrugged again, feigning nonchalance, when all she really wanted to do was haul him to a back room somewhere and kiss him senseless.  He grabbed her hand and led her to the bar to order a beer for him and another margarita for her.  She really should stop, she but was having too much fun.  This was the first time ever a man she was attracted to had paid her any attention, and she was going to enjoy it.  Today was the first day she was actually succeeding at the whole living for herself thing.
“So… enjoying a night out with friends?”  He asked her before taking a drink.  Renae couldn’t stop focusing on the way his lips caressed the mouth of the beer bottle. 
“Yeah.”  She nodded.  “I don’t get out much, and they sort of forced me tonight.”
“Homebody, huh?  Me too.  I’d much rather stay at home and listen to music.”  His elegant fingers grasped the bottle lightly, swinging it back and forth, while his blue eyes danced across her face.  “Although it’s usually better with someone interesting to talk to.”
“Yeah,” she agreed weakly.  His eyes bored into hers and she realized they were such a light blue they were almost like shiny aquamarine gemstones.  “You have really pretty eyes.”  Wow.  And now her filter was gone.  She felt the flush rise to her cheeks.  “I’m sorry.  I don’t know why I said that.”  Her hands rose to her cheeks to feel the burn.
“It’s okay.  Your eyes are pretty too.  And guys dig girls who think we’re pretty.”  His grin was panty-melting, and Renae bit her tongue to keep those particular words inside.  “I think your eyes aren’t all that’s pretty about you.”
She nearly clamped her hand over her own mouth as her eyebrows rose in surprise.  She was speechless as she watched his eyes trace a path from hers to her mouth, to her breasts where they lingered, before traveling down her legs to her boots.  And then back up.  She licked her lips with nervousness when they got back to her face.
“In fact, I’d be hard pressed to find a prettier girl here tonight.” His eyes never left her face, and she knew in her heart he wasn’t even looking at other girls.  He finished his beer and set the bottle down before tracing his finger down her arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake.  When he got to her hand, he clasped her fingers in his and raised them to his lips, breathing warm air on them.  “What are you doing later?  After the show?”
Renae tried to get her hand back, but he held on.  “I don’t-“
“I just want to get to know you a little better.”  He kissed her hand before placing it back in her lap.  “I think you are the bright spot I need in my life right now.”
The words right now brought the feelings of deflation back.  He wasn’t going to be here forever.  He was just here for two weeks.  Then he’d be gone.  What would getting to know him do for her? 
“You still have time to decide.  We’ve got another set to play, and it’s time.  Don’t leave without giving me your number though, please?”
She started reciting her number and giggled while he hurriedly fumbled for his phone out of his back pocket to input it, repeating it back to her to make sure he’d gotten it in right.
Then he rose to go back to the stage and dropped a quick kiss on her cheek before he left.
Renae’s hand flew to the warm spot his lips left on her cheek before she walked back to her table in a daze.
“Holy shit!  What did y’all talk about?”  Claire was peppering her with questions.
“I don’t know.”  Renae shrugged.  She’d spent too much time with teenagers.  “Stuff.  He wants to hang out after he’s done playing.”
“Do it!”  Alyssa chimed in.
“I don’t know him, ‘Lyssa.  I don’t know what he wants from me… I just—“ Her fingers twisted the napkin she’d retrieved from under her drink.
“Who cares?  Have fun, Renae.  You deserve to have a little fun now and then.  Jeez.  You don’t have to marry him.  You can just fuck him.”  Alyssa waggled her eyes at Renae.
“Good god woman!”  Dalton had overheard this last part of the exchange.  “That’s my sister you’re talking to!”
“So?  Your sister needs to get laid.”  She patted him affectionately on the chest.  
Grab your copy now, at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords.  Kobo is still processing it, so I don't have a link for them, yet. Spread the word, and ENJOY!

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