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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Importance of #Author #Reviews in Your #Book ~ Or Not

All book reviews, no matter who wrote them, are hit or miss. Some people swear by reading reviews before purchasing a book, others don't even look at them. Of those people that read reviews, some purchase those that only have outstanding reviews, others purchase the ones that are mainly one and two stars. Still others like that solid three star.

In the end, it's been a debate as to if authors should review the books of other authors and the below is only my opinion.

For general review purposes (blogs, Amazon, B&N and so on) I say no. Here's why:

1) They could be too critical
2) They could be not honest enough (not wanting to hurt feelings or discourage)
3) If they're in your genre, they could purposely be hateful

On the other hand, if an author is reviewing Stephen King or Dean Koontz or Terry Goodkind - that's a different story. Those authors are well established and likely don't bother to read reviews and you can't hurt or help them no matter what your review says.

But smaller authors are struggling authors. For those that read reviews, each review counts.

On another note - what about those author comments on book flaps and inner pages about your book?

Absolutely. Note this can delay release and your publisher has to agree to allow it. However, and though it sounds harsh, it's the truth - If they aren't a well-known, bestselling author - don't bother.

If you write books that have a bit of creepy in them - if you can't get Stephen King or Dean Koontz or someone in their rank to endorse - don't bother.

If you write YA paranormal and can't get Stephanie Meyer or someone similar - don't bother.

Having someone endorse you that isn't well established won't do you or your book any good. In fact, it may get your ability questioned. Why would an author list praise in their book from someone who has 30 books out, but hasn't been on the NY Times or USA Today bestseller lists - ever? (See?)

In the end, while sometimes things seem like a good idea - it's always best to think on it, rethink it - and think it over once more. Once done, it can't be undone.

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