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Monday, May 5, 2014

The #BestSelling #Author ~ Or Not

So right now you're either thrilled or groaning that I'm back to some of my marketing and help posts. These take a bit of time for me because I try not to just slap on random information that you can easily find out on your own. However, today's post will be fairly short s it's pretty cut and dry.

When publishers and self-publishing authors list books on various vendor sites, (maybe not very likely on Amazon, but the smaller ones - especially ARe) they pick categories and add tags. Many places have only specific tags you can select from in order to eliminate this "cheat."

Now, smaller places allow you to simply enter tags. So, let's see how this works. We'll use my own writing as an example.

I write cowboy - both historical and contemporary.

So, I list my book - The Cowboy's of Slumber Creek - Book 1 - Cowboy's Claim on ARe.

I upload the image, the various formats, fill out their list of have to respond items and then I'm ready to enter tags.

Say I enter: Romance, Contemporary, Cowboy - all three of these are likely to put me in with 100s of other books, so no harm there.

But then I enter (as a tag) Cowboys of Slumber Creek, Chance Dawson

So, it's my main male name and the series name. No one else should have those tags.

Then I sell two books - and -


I'm a best seller.


Because NO ONE else is competing with those tags.

Am I a best seller? According to that, yes. Is it legit? Absolutely not.

If you want to list your series name in the tag to be found - fine. But DON'T claim to be a best seller based on that.

Now, if you get the best seller star from the Romance tag - absolutely - congratulations.

Even better - when you're on the USA Today best seller list or the NY Times best seller list - THEN you ARE a best seller.

Just some food for thought.

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