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Friday, March 14, 2014

#TheVoice #BlindAuditions @AdamLevine

This is the first season I've watched The Voice. I wasn't sure what to think, but have been pleasantly surprised - most of the time. There's been parts that have made me laugh, others have made me shake my head. The judges are funny as well.

Some of the people were really good, others were OK...even some of the ones that made it, I wondered where the coaches thought they'd go with them.

Now, of course, normally I don't @ anyone in these, but the funniest moment was when the one contestant that jumped onto Adam after agreeing to be on his team. I thought for sure she was going to plow him over and they were both going to topple to the ground. Surprisingly, he caught her, held on to her, and even - at one point - held her with one arm.

I had to change my whole concept of thin guys being weak. lol

Anyone with predictions as to which coach will win this season?

...until next week...

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