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Friday, March 7, 2014

#Taboo #Author #Contributor Blog ~ Open to #Join

Looking for non-Taboo contributor blog details? Check *here*

I assist an author, Skylar Nevaeh {you can find her on *facebook* on *twitter* and on her *blog*}.

She writes Taboo {as in beasts and brothers and fathers, etc}, she also writes vanilla to edge BDSM as well as LGBT {M/M and a threesome here and there}.

Avenues of promotion are more difficult for at least one of her genres and we've been planning her path very carefully. With that, she's dying to be part of contributor blogs. She wants to interact with others that write what she does.

Realization also hit with that. Here genres are different enough that they can't really all be placed together. So, while I do not write what she does {I do play a bit with some BDSM, but not a lot}, I've agreed to help her, I'd work on compiling several contributor blogs. In that, not only will I be promoting her, as her PR rep, but I'll also be promoting those that are on these blogs {and for free, lol}.

So, please email about you.
Your blog and link and your author name
What you write
A little about you and your writing
Anything else you'd like to ask or tell

Be sure, in your subject line, to specify which blog you're interested in. If you want to write for the taboo one, your subject line would be "Contributor Taboo" and so on for the others. Interested in more than one? That's OK too, just let us know.

Email to ~

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