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Sunday, March 16, 2014

#SundaySnippet by Amber Bentley

Here's a bit more from A Cowboy's Claim (book 1 of the Cowboys of Slumber Creek Series). This is still a WIP as I have some of my historical books with publishers currently.

            “No, I'm not currently employed.” How much should Arianna tell him about her nasty divorce? “I do need to look, I'm just not sure...”
            “Not sure of?” Chance pushed at her hesitation. It seemed Arianna was hiding more than her fair share of issues. Or he could just be reading into the girl wrong. City people were a lot harder to read.
            “I don't know if I'll be staying in the area. Things aren't going exactly how I expected.”
            “Don't care much for snow and frozen pipes?” He smiled at her. “There's no harm in my paying you to take care of Ma. I'd be happy to. Honestly, I had planned on offering a salary.” He honestly had, too. He just didn't know why he hadn't mentioned it directly. Although, he hadn't planned on offering her the move in option. But, hell, the room was there. And Ma was so lonely, especially since his Dad was gone.
            “Mr Dawson, I'm not looking for a hand out. I'm not a charity case. I may not know what I'm doing out here or what I really want, but I don't need anyone feeling sorry for me.”
            Chance shook his head. “Call me Chance. It's not what I meant. Just come by for supper tonight. Meet Ma and let your kids run around a bit.” He tipped his cowboy hat as he moved toward the door. “I'll be seeing you about six, then. And thanks for the tea.”

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  1. Great six, and I look forward to when the book is published. Thanks for being part of the blog today.

  2. Oh man. I want to know their stories. I love finding authors new to me, and getting sneak peeks into upcoming releases is an added benefit. Glad I found you.

    I love how Chance leaves Arianna no choice but to show up at six for dinner, too.

  3. Great six! (I'm slow on the roll and forgot to hit the links yesterday!) My bad!

    Looking forward to next week's!


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