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Thursday, March 13, 2014

#Networking #SocialMedia is a Two Way Street

So, you're on Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook and Triberr. You have 2k+ facebook likes, you have 2k+ twitter followers, you have a Triberr reach of 2 million. You have 3K GFC followers on your blog.

You're doing great. You're getting out there.


Wrong. And here's why.

Do your twitter followers or facebook likes actually engage you? Do they reply to tweets and page posts? Do you get comments on your blog?

Is there any interaction?

If not, it's not going as well as you think.

Sure, people can't comment and reply everywhere. But there should be more on your accounts than you talking to yourself. On twitter it should be more than "thanks for the RT."

Social media makes us look at numbers. While numbers are good, they're also a very inaccurate way to properly judge an audience. You may have 1000s of followers, but are they reading anything you say?

You participate in blog hops - but few visit you or comment on your post. Is it doing you any good? Not much.

You participate in hops that people don't have the intended posts up. This hurts YOU. After so many "no posts" - people get tired of going blog to blog and stop. So, people may never get to your post if previous links aren't active.

You have millions of people in your Triberr reach. That's great. But when only 10 of your 1000 tribe mates tweet your really don't have the millions in your audience.

Be careful. When you sign up for any social media, know what is expected and be sure you can commit. No one wants to take hours a day promoting someone that won't return the time.

Be a good social network user. Help your fellow networkers. Do for them what you want them to do for you. Realize your numbers aren't really as high as you may think they are and try to determine what you can do to engage your market.


  1. Great article and good reminder for us social networkers!

  2. Yes, it is't just numbers, it's the quality of the numbers.


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