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Thursday, March 20, 2014

#FlashFiction #1

This is week one of a bi-monthly flash fiction project. In coming weeks, I'll be holding a sign up for those that would like to join us. Posts are the 10th and 20th of each month. Your flash fiction can be one continuous story or can be just a piece each week. Since this is bi-monthly, we'd love for it to be at least 500 words, but maybe no more than 1000 (we get it if you're on a roll though).

This week, I'm cheating a bit {you can all beat me later} and linking everyone else. I chose this image first as someone mentioned using it in their first. I can't seem to manage to start my story here as I'd like to make mine an ongoing bi-monthly free read.

That's pretty much it for the rules and information though. On the next Flash Fiction, I'll be including a linky list. Just please be sure to post on your day and also be sure it's at least somewhat toward the top :) If you'd like to join in for April 10, please drop me an email at and we'll get you on the list early.

Please visit the following wonderful authors who are sharing their creativity with us this week:

Christina Mandara ~ ~ Alisa Easton ~ ~ Jade Onyx


  1. What genre?? I might be interested in joining.

    1. Honestly I'm hoping the pictures can be used for any genre. You can make them spicy or mild ~ just interpretation. I think people come more for the fiction than the images anyway :-)

    2. Cowboy/Western or anything - paranormal - contemporary etc?

    3. Absolutely - anywhere your story takes you.


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