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Thursday, March 6, 2014

#Contributor Blog ~ #Authors {and soon to be} Welcome to #Join

It seems there's been an abundance of brand new "cowboy" contributor blogs surfacing lately. I imagine that's wonderful for those of us who write cowboy, as it means our genre is being noticed currently in trends.

Initially I had made a post {it's *here* if you want a refresher} about doing a historical romance authors contributor blog. I also made mention of one that was possibly only contemporary and historical cowboy.

I'd love to launch June 1.

So, we all know summer gets crazy. Kids are out of school and mom's seem to lack time where they aren't picking up. However, summer also sizzles. It's that time that you pick up your guilty pleasure book filled with sizzling hot scenes and enjoy some mom time after the kids are off to bed.

For my contributor blogs, there will be no yahoo group to join for information. It will be a simply mailing list. This keeps our in-boxes from overflowing. I know a group is the main way most seem to do it, but I think the other option is much more preferable.

Anyway, here's my idea, read through and contact me. I'd love to hear you thoughts or any other ideas you may have. You may want to read the post linked about just for reference.

I'd like to put together several contributor blogs. How they end up being themed will somewhat depend on those authors who want to join. You do NOT have to already be published. You DO need some creativity and the ability to keep your schedule. :-)

So, if you're interested in joining a contributor blog email me the following ~
Your name {this would be the pen name you'd like to use on blog}
Your blog name and link
Any other social media links you have
What genre{s} you write about
And what you feel you'd like to contribute to a multi-author blog.
Feel free to tell me as much as you like. I like to really know those I'll be working with and helping to promote.
When you're all set, email to

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