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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Do #BookTours Really Help?

Promo. As an author you have to promo.

Let me say this again. YOU have to PROMO. Yes YOU. Don't depend on anyone to do it for you. I mean, sure, if you have a marketing person, use them, but still be out there. Don't let them do it all for you. Yes, use your publishers marketing plans. But also do your own.

Is there a such thing as overkill? Yes. {I bet you're surprised.}

There are so many places that are now offering virtual book tours. It's difficult to determine who's the go to in this. There are so many and many authors have different experiences with each one. The company that increased sales for one author, may not have the same results as the next author with the same company.

Also, it depends on the blog. If readers are looking for sweet romance and the blog host signs up for erotic -- there may be some very unhappy people. Who ultimately takes the blame? The author.

Everything reflects on the author. Did your publisher do a bad job on the editing? Your fault. Did your publisher do a bad job on formatting? Your fault. Did your blog tour company put your erotic book on non-erotic blogs? Your fault.

I know. You didn't do it. But ultimately, everyone blames the author thinking they have some all mighty fixing tool.

Sorry, it's just the truth. {I'm not great at sugar coating. Obviously.}

You need to really think it through on hiring someone to do it.

Do they have enough blogs to sign up that accurately represent your genre?
Do their hosts keep their post dates?
Do their hosts actively promote?
Does the company actively promote?
Do they stick to high peak times to promote and post?
Do they post on holidays {which means less views for you}?
Are their prices reasonable?
What is their policy if they can't deliver {not enough blogs sign up, blogs in the wrong genre, not great promotion of posts, skipped days, etc}?

Do they offer the options you want?
If you are looking for a release day blast or blitz there are some things to consider.
Will everyone post on time? Will no one miss their post? Are you on blogs that actively have a lot of readership in your genre?

Finally, something not many think about - Is that blitz or blast overkill?

Yes, overkill. If all someone sees in their feed is your book, it may get a few clicks and it may make people too annoyed to actually look at the posts, even if your book is better than a NYT's best seller.

Things sometimes actually are better in moderation {well, not chocolate}.

If you're doing an actual tour, this offers more variety. However, it also tends to cost more and sometimes either the company or the author doesn't want to add enough uniques posts.

UNIQUE is the key here. Do NOT post the same excerpt on ten blogs during the tour. People will become frustrated and stop viewing your tour. The key is unique. Each blog should have something different.

If your tour company only wants 3 excerpts, 2 interviews, and 3 guest blogs to go over a 30 day tour -- RUN, don't walk, away from that tour company.

Take the time to find blog hosts that have different unique interviews and do a few of those. Do a number of unique top 10 lists, do a number of guest posts. Limit the number of blogs that get chosen for an excerpt. Require that the same excerpt be used only twice and only on two high visitor blogs.

Use a grand tour prize. Something unique, not simply an ebook copy or a print copy. Get creative and put YOU into that grand prize. This prize should be for all blogs to post.

Then only select a limited number of blogs to give away a copy at. If every blog gives away a book, this really can hurt potential sales and readership.

Also, request that individual giveaways only last a limited number of days. If it goes an entire 30 days for a tour -- this hurts you and your sales. It's also why I recommend not giving away a print or ebook version of whatever you are touring for the grand prize. People will wait to see if they win. In that time, they likely forget they wanted your book.

Essentially, you do have to spend money in order to make money. But choose wisely. be careful. As for recommendations and references.

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  1. I agree. I caution authors all the time to get out there. be EVERYWHERE.


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