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Thursday, February 13, 2014

#BetaReaders Needed and #Taboo #Triberr for #Readers and #Authors

I've decided to combine this into one post rather than two. Also, I apologize for my lack of cowboy images this week. Work has been killing me and then there's the few authors I've taken on outside of work as well. In any event, the cowboys should be back Monday.

Beta Readers
I'll be having a post by sometime next week on what a beta reader actually is. In a nutshell, a beta reader is a non-paid reader that helps an author before it's time to turn a book over to an editor.
That being said, I have authors in various genres that will be needing beta readers. The  genres are as follows:

Motorcycle Clubs/Crime/Mafia with erotic romance and some BDSM
Historical Highlander erotic romance
Taboo erotica {step-relatives, relatives, etc}
Time Travel erotic romance
Serial Killers with erotic romance and some BDSM
BDSM erotic romance

Please, if interested, send a detailed email to me at
Subject line would be the line above {genre} you're interested in Beta Reading for. Also be sure to list it as BETA.
Example: BETA-Serial Killers with erotic romance and some BDSM

In your email please let me know why you are interested in the genre, reading you've done in the genre, if you've beta read before and why you'd be a great beta for the author in need. Please allow me several days for a response.

Seeing that I've taken on a number of authors that include BDSM {some edge play and dark, even} as well as an author that also dabbles in writing taboo erotica, I've noticed there is a lack of promotional avenues available to them. With that, I've created a Taboo tribe. It's open to any authors, bloggers, reviewers, etc that are interested. Please be sure to understand the terms of the tribe before joining.

If you think you're a fit, you can join *here*

If the initial triberr fills, I do already have a secondary one in place if it's needed. So there'll be no delay in getting everyone a spot.

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