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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Amber Bentley #PR ~ #Marketing & Help for #Authors

So, today this post is more about me than the typical informative posts I try to share. I mean, seriously  who just wants to hear about me? Right? I want you to enjoy coming here and not see just posts about Amber ~ Amber ~ Amber.

I know, some are saying: But, it's YOUR blog.

It is. And you're correct, I do have the choice to make it all me, me, me. But where's the fun in it? Maybe it's the way too many years working at the EDJ. {For those that don't know, I have a degree in marketing and work my EDJ in marketing/PR.} Luckily, I've finally *put in my time* and have the luxury of working from my home office. I still have clients from my employer {which, for privacy reasons, I do not wish to release the names} and am finally at the point where I can also be very selective as to whom I decide to work with.

No matter what others say, it is very important to be able to communicate well and get along with anyone you work with. Especially when you have as much contact as you will with those handling your marketing. A side note here: If you don't have regular communication, I'd be questioning whoever you hired as to why you don't.

I have {literally} had clients call me at 2am needing something right then. Is it normal? No, not really. Does it happen a lot? No. Was I angry? No. Why? Because it's my job. :-)

As some of you know, I was slowing down on looking to represent authors for marketing due to writing myself. It's always a contradiction of sorts to represent someone needing marketing in the field you are also looking to be in {or are already in}. However, there were a few I had spoken to that we really hit it off and they are okay with me also publishing and marketing my own work.

My new PR blog is here:
Author Blog is here:
My facebook and twitter accounts are the same for both my writing and my marketing.

Please feel free to stop by. There isn't much there, but if you follow, there will be as I get it all back up.

Will I be taking new clients? I may take a few. But, as mentioned, I'm being very selective. There is a very limited number of spots available as I still do have my EDJ and I want to represent each client in the way we agree on before I take the job.

Case in point, I've turned away a number of multi-published authors. I don't deal in ego. I deal with down to earth people that want to make the most of what they love to do. So, I've signed on with several brand new, never published authors. So, don't think if you're new {or multi-published} that you're an automatic out. Because you aren't. Also, genre/sub-genre doesn't matter.

Please use when contacting me about marketing and when contacting me about this blog, my books and my own writing.

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