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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Want to Join Other #Historical #Romance Authors? Join My #Contributor Blog (NEW)

First, let's discuss the benefits of a contributor blog.

You merge fans and create new networks. This is one of the best marketing techniques out there. So many people (in all sorts of businesses) are so leery of helping someone else. I mean, they might make and extra dollar or something. It's like that person who passes you on the road, flying by, only to get stuck at the exact same stop light you do. What was the point?

Even if those contributing don't have a large readership, everyone manages to improve their status. It allows consistent blogging and shows dedication. It shows teamwork: the ability to work with others. It shows you can place aside a competitive nature.

It also allows you one more "perk" to put on your career arc and your bio when contacting agents and publishers. It shows that you are trying to get out there.

I have researched contributor blogs for a while. Most get their set contributors and then they stay full. Rarely do contributors leave a good thing. Even during building, it's worth to manage the slow to get the benefit. For six months you may have 3 followers and maybe 50 readers. Then, like magic, the right person comes across your link or a release gets extra promotion. And suddenly you have 500 followers and 1000 readers.

The longevity you can show is also a bonus from anyone you might work with. No one wants to hire someone that's had ten jobs in a year. It shows that they probably won't be your last employer either. So, again, this can show staying power and the ability to not give up or be shrugged off to the side.

In the research I've done, most good contributor blogs have some guidelines. I've noticed that rigid ones don't seem to work well, nor do none at all.

Now, on to the concept I want to tackle. Historical Romance can be tough to write, especially for those who research accurately rather than simply calling it fiction and making it up as they go. I'd like to offer readers a fresh historical romance only contributor blog.

The positions -
There is one open to have someone assist me in running it. This person and I will tackle a fitting name, develop guidelines, and other things to do with membership and other details. I'll handle as much of the stuff as I can, but from research, a dictatorship is never good to have.
If you're interested, please email me and let me know. This will have nothing to do with having 50 publications under your belt to never being published. It'll be in the way you initially contact me, the way you represent your ideas and the potential success of the blog and it's contributors. Essentially, sell me why you'd be a perfect match for me.
I would love to have this position filled by Feb 1.

Contributor Openings-
I've not yet determined how many contributors. But, fill up my inbox. If we have too many, the co-captain (for lack of a better word) and I will go through them. Those selected will be contacted, others will be contacted and placed on a list. If another contributor leaves or doesn't work out, we'll pull first from our initial contacts before advertising openings. If we have enough, we may try to put on with two contributor blogs and divide contributors up in a "best fit" sort of way.
I don't care if you aren't published yet. As long as you're on your way, you're welcome.
Please "sell me" why you should be a part of the blog and what you'd like to contribute.
I would love to have all positions filled by Feb 15.

Open contributor blog March 1.

Additional Slots -
Cowboy romance only, both historical and contemporary - sweet to steaming. Email me for details about a contributor blog.

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