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Monday, January 20, 2014

The 411 on #Hashtags and #twitter

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Many people auto-share to twitter. The do this from their blog page, their triberr membership, their facebook page, and other various "share this" options.

The thing is, like it or not (no matter how pretty or ugly they look) hashtags have become the thing. You can even use them on facebook and google + o they're no longer only for twitter).

This is the tell all easiest way to find things on the sites using them. Most people, when they search, want quick, clear answers. If you're not doing it and everyone else is - guess what? You lose.

This means you're directly harming yourself and your potential because you can't be found as easily.

It's not a search engines job to find us. It's our job to be sure that we are being found by them.

How about those that share your stuff? This auto-enables the hashtags to go out to their social network as well. Let's be honest, they're not going to add them for you. So, once again, you're harming your reach potential.

So, get those hashtags in your Google+ posts, in your facebook posts and in your twitter posts. No matter how sloppy it looks.

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