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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#Publisher Comparisons {Part 1} ( #TopPublishers #TopEbookPublishers )

As I've mentioned, I never wanted to publish. I enjoyed the marketing end of my day job and just let my creativity get scribbled on to notebooks and tossed into a shelf (many were filled with dust as guests eventually began asking what was going on with all the notebooks).

One of the biggest choices you'll ever make is how to publish. Once that's been decided, the next huge decision is where.

This is the choice I've been researching for a number of months - long before I ever offered services in PR for authors.

While there's so much here and there, there (from my research) is no one source that is 100% accurate - you can argue this point with me until you can no longer speak, and I'll not change the statement. One author has a wonderful experience with publisher A, while another hates publisher A and claims they did this or that. Some publishers are built up and bragged about on one site that's supposed to be "in the know," yet on another site, this publisher is nothing short of being bashed as the worst ever.

The world of writing can be as terrible as a witch hunt. Complete with lies, truths, half truths, childish behavior, name calling and so much more.

Let's face it, those good enough will be with the top 10 publishers. Period. If they write well enough. Otherwise, if you want to be published, you end up with a smaller publisher. In a way, you know the risks you're getting into. There's a reason they aren't in the top 10.

Your options, if not with a top 10 publisher, are to either self -publish, go with a smaller publisher or polish up your work until you can get with a top 10 publisher.

Don't mistake me. I'm certain there are good publishers out there that aren't in the top 10. But, as mentioned, it's got to be a known risk. The top publishers are at the top for a reason.

Most of us don't want to be only ebook. That presents a problem, especially for self-publishing. Print books can be very expensive.

{Note that opinions can vary. However, through research, this is what I came up with}

Here are the top 4 ebook publishers ~
1) Hachette
2) Random House
3) Penguin
4) Macmillan

Top 10 publishers ~
1) Hachette
2) Penguin
3) Random House
4) Simon & Schuster
5) Macmillan
6) HarperCollins
7) Harlequin
8) Belle Bridge Books
9) Sourcebooks
10) Kensington

In my opinion, if you're not with any of these, you're taking a risk. One that you have to obviously know about.

Will my books fall with one of the top 10? I don't know yet. But even so, my opinion remains the same. If I don't land with one, I'll be wondering what's next. I'm not certain I'd take a chance on someone other than these 10.

Join me next week as I continue the research on publishers and indie writing (yes, indie writing WILL be covered in this series).

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