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Sunday, January 19, 2014

If You Don't Help Yourself ~ Link Up For #GFC #Follow #SignUp #LinkUp

Each Sunday I'll host a GFC link up. I'm hoping as time goes on, the list will grow. I'll also be looking for Co-Hosts. If you'd like to Co-Host please email - the co-host(s) must put the post on their blog on time the week they are co-hosting.

Anyway, It's simple. Just go to the blogs above you and follow via GFC. If you do NOT have GFC, do NOT sign up for this (I'll be hosting other follow link ups as I organize them). This is NOT like paying for followers, as we do not unfollow after an amount of time.

Please leave a comment letting people know you've followed them. I'm saying it's acceptable to leave the direct link to your own blog to make it easy to follow those who have followed you.

So, this week, since there's no Co-Host ~ follow my blog via GFC (which is over to your left) and then add your link to the linky below.


  1. Hi Kiru, I couldn't find a GFC follow on your blog, but I did add you on Pinterest and twitter. I'll go back later and try to see if there is one. Sometimes my computer just loads to slow to show everything.


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