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Monday, January 27, 2014

#CityGirl to #CountryGal {1} ~ My Road to #TheCowboysOfSlumberCreek

Authors are always talking about research and what they had to do in order to write their latest book. Some read a lot in the genre first, others searched high and low for books and internet sites that covered the time period they were writing about.

For me, my historicals, I'm coming to realize, are the simplest to write. Yes, a lot of time goes into research. And finding actual reliable sources for the research. Just because someone writes a book, calls it non-fiction, and slaps it up in the genre you want - does not mean they're an expert. You learn who is and who isn't (unfortunately) by trial and error.

Trial and error seems to be a lot of what I spend my time doing these days. I do have that historical cowboy romance series brewing. Then I asked myself - What next? Did I move on to editing and giving a new look to the native american series that's sat on my shelves forever in scribbled notebooks?

Honestly, I wanted something new. Something fresh. In my defense, remember I've spent the majority of the last few months typing scribble from notebooks for my historical cowboy romance series (but you'll have more on that later).

I wanted new. I wanted exciting. I wanted fresh. Evidently, I also wanted dirty and slightly dangerous.

I'm diving hip deep into a world I've only read about. And even with that, I know very little.

Through some great friends, I've managed to get some very knowledgeable people in the current rodeo, cowboy and ranching areas to work with me. They've agreed to take this city girl under their wing, take her behind the scenes of a rodeo, how to know which cattle to purchase, how a ranch runs....and show me. Hands on information that will build the background on my series.

And cowboys. Did I mention cowboys? I'll be bringing - right to my blog - what real modern day cowboys are like.

I'll be sharing pictures, locations, hands on funnies (I'm sure I'm going to have to learn to laugh at myself during this research).

My newest writing will take a journey to Slumber Creek, Arizona (fictional). To a small western town that still believes in manner, saying yes ma'am, and neighborly hospitality.

I hope you'll join me on my random posts {titled like this one} while I research for The Cowboys of Slumber Creek series.

A first little insider secret - Book 1 will be called A Cowboy's Claim.

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