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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Amber Bentley Changes ~ From #PR to #Author

It's a new journey for me. I attended college with a major in marketing and it's what I've been doing at my every day job for years. On the side, I've written little things in notebook after notebook. Never thinking much on it. It's one of the reasons I started trying to help authors with their PR from an online aspect.

Online was newer to me. Yes, I do it for my personal clients at my job, but it's never only online. We meet face to face and speak over the phone.

I attended, though quietly, a number of small author conferences (and I do mean small) and met some wonderful bloggers who lived not too far from me. We started having little get togethers at our homes. Soon, bloggers were into the notebooks I'd hidden for years and asking if they could read all of them.

Now, this notebook stuff, it's not perfect and requires edits, not to mention actually being typed. But considering how many new authors come out, I thought I'd mark my journey. Others can then (maybe one day) use this blog as a resource. I'm always thinking about marketing, planning and helping someone else.

So, while you will see things about my writing and books, you'll also find an amount of help and trial and error shares. Hopefully my mistakes, as I'm certain there will be plenty of them, will assist others on their new author journey.

While I did open this blog in September or October, I'm deleting all older posts as they are no longer relevant to the blog.

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